my first android

By | January 14, 2011

LG Optimus One p500 is the first ever android phone that I laid my hands on, and it left me pretty impressed. This coming from an iPhone user does hold a lot of weight.

Android instantly appealed to the inner geek in me and brought back the memories of the MotoRokr E6, that I used before my iPhone arrived. It was the first linux based phone that I had and I modded that device to the core. It was so much fun to try out different ROMs and hacks that the community came up with. iPhone has a strong developer community and has its own share of hacks and mods, but it somehow never appealed to me in the same way.

Sadly, this one was a birthday gift for my sister and I wouldn’t get to tinker around much with it, but never the less, I have already rooted it using Z4root and got root explorer installed. Lets see how it goes up from here

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