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By | July 26, 2009

iPhone 3.0 was said to be faster than any of its predecessors and it surely did seem faster after the first install. However, with the time, it came back to its sluggish self.¬† I’m sure most of you must have felt the same and wished that there was some way to improve the performance. Well, there is a way to do it now, if you have a jailbroken phone and are ready to take some calculated risks.

One of the users um35h on xSellize forum has performed a little experiment to identify unnecessary demons and delete them to free up some memory space and improve the performance of the device. He has been updating the list of safe to remove demons, which when deleted create a little or no impact on how the Phone and its apps behave in terms of functionality, but improve the over all performance. A lot of other users have also tried it on their own devices and have got varied results . Some people could get up to 10-15 MB of additional free memory, while the others were still at the same level.

Another interesting tip was to delete the unused language files from the apps. There are as many as 30 ‘.lproj’ files for different languages in each of the default iPhone apps. Normally, a user would use only one language out of the bunch, hence, the others ones can be removed without an issue. Deleting the other language files would make the app parse less number of files at the start-up, making it load faster.

To carry out these hacks, one has to get an access to iPhone file system, which is pretty easy to do on a JailBroken device. There are apps such as iFile which can give you an access right from within the device, or one can SSH using a computer to gain access and delete the stuff. There are detailed instruction on how to carry out these hacks (and how to be safe, in case anything goes wrong) on the forum here.

I haven’t tried any of these¬† yet, but if any of you daring souls, carry out this experiment, please update us here too.

Image courtesy: interestingkid

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