iPhone 3GS in India

By | June 15, 2009

The new iPhone 3GS has been officially announced. Its a new improved version of the iPhone 3G, which was launched last year. India was one of the last few countries to get the iPhone and it still stands at the same spot.

iPhone 3G generated a lot of buzz all across the globe last year. It however, failed to convert the hype to sales in India. It was a revolutionary device with the latest and best technology implemented in smartest way. But features that appeal to an Indian consumer the most, such as cut-copy-paste, MMS, Video recording, bluetooth etc. were missing. The deal-breaker, however, was the price. It got priced almost 3 times the price of a regular phone. It was rejected outright in the Indian market and was dubbed as a high profile good for nothing show off gadget.

This year, Apple is back with a better hardware and an OS upgrade with a huge array of new features, including those which were missing earlier. It has a better battery life now and is almost twice as fast. There is a new version with double the storage capacity too. In short, Apple has more or less fixed up all the major drawbacks that were present in the earlier releases.

The prices for the new version is in tune with the last year’s prices, its $299 for 32GB and $199 for the 16GB versions. These are the reduced prices, with a 2 year contract with AT&T, applicable only in the US. Now, there is no 8GB iPhone 3GS (yet), but there is a 8GB iPhone 3G which is now available at $99 only (with a two year contract, of course).

For the Indian market too, I think, the pricing would be similar to last year’s pricing, 30K for 16GB and 36K for 32GB models. There is no intimation for the price drop for the iPhone 3G yet, but it can happen in August, when the new version is launched. However, I believe the lowest the prices for the old version would get is around 24-26K (it at least seems so from the pricing ¬†for the unlocked device in the US).

With the OS 3.0 and 3GS, Apple has got everything right for the phone and its features. However, the price still remains a major concern. If Apple can manage to bring down the price to a 20-22k range, that is when, I think, the Indian masses would start considering it as an option.
One can’t really expect the latest 3GS line to be made available in anything lower than the 30K mark, but the 8GB 3G version can surely hit the mark. Though, it wouldn’t get video recording features with it, but if its priced right, it would still make a good competition for the other phones in the market.

But that would be only ‘if’ Apple actually reduces the price, else it would continue to remain just a show-off gadget in the Indian market, like the earlier version.

Image : Gizmodo.

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