Google Chrome launched

By | September 3, 2008

Google Chrome is a web browser by Google. It generated a lot of hype when a comic book representation of its features was leaked yesterday. Google held a press conference to announce the launch of Chrome and it was officially launched today.

google chrome
google chrome

So whats new?  Well, quite a lot. Google has brought the best of all the existing browsers under one hood and in turn have come up with a browser who is kick ass in terms of speed and has a pretty low memory usage as compared to the other browsers including the new IE8. Chrome is based on an earlier version of WebKit framework (which is also used in Safari) for rendering the pages. A new process is invoked for each tab and all the tabs work independent to each other resulting in more efficient memory usage and fast processing. Javascript processing has been significantly, contributing to the added speed.

Innovative UI is another plus for the browser, the common bar for address/search/history, tabs on top, no title bar, no status bar, bigger screen space makes it look slick. The download manager looks neat too, however it doesnt seem to support broken downloads yet. The speed dial as default page is a great tool too.

It also sports the “incognito” mode which is similar to private browsing mode in Safari. With this mode on, no info from your browsing session is saved on the machine. The Crash control feature prevent the application from crashing, in case one of the apps in a tab goes bad. Its just the tab which closes, not the whole application.  There is also a javascript debugger, Javascript console and Tab Manager to help the developers.

With all the good points there are bound to be negatives too, and yes there are. Its only been a few hours since the browser has been launched and a few security concerns have popped up. There has been some criticism about it being available only for Windows platform, ignoring Mac and Linux users. The browser is called an open source browser but there are speculations about its openness too. It posses a good threat to IE even in this beta stage, but may not be a full replacement for the firefox users yet. Most FF users are in a habit of using the different plugins it supports, Chrome still has a long way to go before it get similar ones.

All said and done, for me the browser seems to be pretty cool and have worked with almost all the sites I have visited on it. So if you are planning to download it click here and check out the easter eggs by typing “about:stats” and “about:internets” in the address bar.

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